2016 Mardi Gras Pet Expo

Location: DoubleTree Hilton, 2150 Veterans Blvd. Kenner, LA 70062

Dates: May 13-15, 2016

Seminars by Lisa Leady

Surviving Terrier-ists Thanks to her vast experience with hard headed terriers, Lisa’s developed and employed a variety of techniques and strategies to deal with less than cooperative clients. Learn how to do difficult dogs safely and efficiently.

Must Haves for Your Grooming Toolbox! A seminar full of essential tools and items for every groomer. Learn what you should have and important hints and tips of how to effectively use them.

Primpin Pooches on the Go As owner of Primp My Pooch, a mobile grooming spa, Lisa has had many experiences on the open road. Let her share her mobile savvy with you in this seminar where she delves into all things mobile grooming.

Seminars by Barb Hoover

♦ MSDS? OSHA? FICA? Oh My! Whether you have 1 or a dozen employees, there are federal regulations that must be followed. This class covers many of the things you need to know to be in compliance with Federal Labor Laws, IRS guidelines and OSHA regulations.

Ignorance is Expensive The IRS has been keeping a close eye on small businesses and how they classify their workers. Find out if you are in compliance with IRS regulations concerning employees, renters and IC’s.

Seminars by Olga Zabelinskaya

♦ Far East Teddy Bear This is a one hour, live demo. For a full 60 minutes Olga will go over techniques, tricks and hints on how to achieve this unique Asian Fusion style.

♦ Asian Fusion Heads A one hour live demo, where Olga will show how to achieve Asian Fusion style when doing a headpiece. Two different dogs will be demoed to show how to apply to a variety of clients.

Seminars by Dawn Omboy

♦ Getting to Know You An introduction to creative products; including chalks, sprays, crayons and dyes from temporary to permanent. Lets also get to know the airbrush system in an interactive part of this class. Attendees will get to use the airbrush system and gain the confidence it takes to use this wonderful tool in your salon.

♦ Fancy Them Up with Finishing Touches Any groom can look extra special with the right finishing touches. In this class, Dawn will show you some of her favorites that leave clients raving. You will learn where to purchase or craft you own & how to attach them.

♦ Cut, Color, Carve & Shape Some of the most common techniques used in the salon. Learn how to make them work for you! This is a BIG audience participation class…so bring your questions!!

Seminars by Pam Lauritzen

♦ Speedclipping with Style Would you like to master clipper techniques. In this 2 part series you’ll learn how to clipper smoother, faster andwithout neuromuscular injuries (carpal tunnel, tendinitis, etc.). Topics Include:

Part 1: The Mechanics of Clipping Clipper ergonomics, clipper strokes, eliminating clipper tracks, “Four Feet in Four Minutes or Less”, Speedclipping Techniques and Methods and Body Position In Relationship to the Task” are just a few of the topics to be presented during this outstanding “hands-on” presentation and demonstration focused upon improving the quality and speed of your pet trims. In this fast-paced and lively seminar, learn quick, simple time-saving techniques and methods that will enable you to do more dogs in less time without sacrificing quality,

Part 2: The Art of Clipping An intensive program on the Art of Clipping designed to help you understand how to interpret breed standards, identify breed specific “faults and attributes” and sculpt and design canine coats using speedclipping & sculpting techniques and methods. Also Included is… Outlining and Creating “ideal” angulation and profiles using speedclipping techniques and methods to create stylish, easy maintenance trims. It’s a power-packed hour that is sure to improve the quality of your trims while boosting client satisfaction and confidence.

To Cage Dry or NOT to Cage Dry? (Alternative Drying Techniques) The controversy surrounding “Cage Drying” raises serious questions about their safety. In this inventive and indepth presentation, Pam will discuss time-saving alternative drying techniques and methods and the many alternatives to “Cage Drying”. She’ll also discuss how to safely use “Cage Dryers”. Pam feels safe drying techniques are NOT about the equipment, it’s about the operator. This seminar is a MUST for all salon owners, bather/dryers, pet groomers and stylists. The Mechanics & Art of Pet Styling — 3 – 4 hours . . . an extraordinary 3 hour, 3 part series on Scissor Techniques. by Pam Lauritzen. Would you like to master scissoring techniques? In this 3 part series, you’ll learn how to scissor smoother, faster and without neuromuscular injuries such as carpal tunnel, tendinitis, etc.

Topics Include:

Part 1: Shear Control

In this timeless presentation & demonstration, Pam will share her proven ergonomic methods of choosing and using shears that will improve your scissor technique while assuring neuromuscular health. Included is: Developing the perfect grip & control of your shears, blade & point angles, guide blade scissoring, and choosing the right shear for you. Be sure to attend this outstanding program before purchasing another shear.

Part 2: Geometrics In Canine Design

An intense program on the Art of Pet Styling designed to help you understand how to interpret breed standards, identify breed specific “faults and attributes”, and use “geometric” methods for corrective grooming and styling of canine coats. Pam will also help you understand angulation & its relationship to movement and perfecting pet styles. Whether you’re clipping, scissoring or handstripping, Pam will show you how “geometric methods” will assist your efforts to make every pet look its best. This seminar is essential prior to attending part 3 of this continuing education series.

Part 3: Body Position, Workflow & Pivot Point Scissoring

Speed while improving the quality of your work is the focus of this power-packed presentation. Included is: “Application of Geometric Principles & Methods”, “Body Position In Relation ship to Task”, “Workflow & Timing Techniques”, “Outlining” (a time proven method of defining the pattern placed on the dog), “Creating Ideal Angulation”, and “Pivot Point Scissoring”. If you want to improve the speed and quality of your work, don’t miss this seminar!

Seminars by Vero DaSlyva

♦ The Well “Rounded Poodle This seminar will pinpoint some common problem areas of the poodle. Vero will demonstrate on a live dog, hints and tricks to create beautiful balanced top knots, bracelets and tails.

♦ Casual Cocker A live demonstration, where Vero will adapt breed profile of the American Cocker Spaniel to a more manageable and functional style for everyday application.

♦ Basic Bichon SDemonstrating live, Vero creates not only a stunning and beautiful bichon form, but also one more manageable and practical to produce. Bridging ring style and technique with pet practicality.




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